Short story of how Fishingate came to be.

Long story short, we are a group of fishing fanatics who go fishing and then have a hard time going home (sorry darling). When we are in the game, we feel no time, no cold, no hunger, no thirst, we don’t care about Facebook notifications, we just let it be. 

Fishing is not just about sitting on the boat holding a piece of plastic with a hook attached. It is a time of relaxation and clearing your mind in the clean air. It is a time spent with your family and friends. There is nothing better than sitting in silence with your “old man” or having your kid catch his first. 

We have lost many baits, broke our rods, lost hooks, got wet, got frost bitten, got soaked in rain, fell out of the boat couple of times – we done it all. And still go back there. We know the ins and outs of fishing. We know the struggle. 

Our passion to this adventurous activity led us to starting a business in it. Everybody is saying “follow your passion” and this is what we did.